Jul 2013

Three models, two buckles, one spirit 

John Lobb created the first William in 1945. Named after the former director of John Lobb Paris, the model owes its originality to its double buckle, an unprecedented pattern in shoemaking. Over time and through various changes in fashion, this distinctive design would become the epitome of timeless masculine elegance.  

Inspired by aviator boots, William remains the most iconic of all the John Lobb models. It was followed by the William II and the William II Boot, which continued to develop the original style. With a wide variety of sole options and upper stitching, the appeal of the William continues to grow.  

The signature of a style

In 1982, John Lobb launched its first ready-to-wear collection with the William. It now features more than forty different styles, manufactured within the same processes and philosophy as with the Bespoke tradition, the house’s original savoir-faire.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of ready-to-wear, we pay tribute to this iconic model, the worldwide signature of the John Lobb spirit.

Three models

William  William II  William II Boot
William William II  William II Boot

A new William shoetree 

Look after your Williams with a dedicated lime wood shoetree