Crafted by hand from a single piece of rich museum calf leather, the John Lobb 2017 limited edition shoe, Hayes, highlights the pinnacle of artisanal shoemaking.

Evolving from the classic double buckle silhouette, a style first pioneered by John Lobb in the 1940’s, it features a whole cut construction with hand sewn details set against fluid lines and an elegant rounded shaped toe.


The characteristic hand sewn apron is secured by utilising a natural bristle to meticulously thread through holes made using a fine awl, taking the artisan over two hours per pair to complete.

Through the absence of visible stitching elsewhere, the beauty of the hand sewn apron seam is heightened, with buckle straps completely unadorned and a single blind seam used to join the upper together.


The Goodyear welted construction ensures the most lasting and comfortable shoe. Specially crafted Chambord double leather soles boast finely wheeled welts, hand sculpted waists, tapered heels and painted sole bottoms, all combined to ensure the ultimate in elegance and durability.


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