Made-to-order by John Lobb


By request Available only in stores,
By Request lets you customise your John Lobbs
from among 150 styles.
  • Style Pick your preferred style from John Lobb's current or archived ready-to-wear collection.
  • Couleur Choose your favourite colour from a selection of elegant shades.
  • Peausserie Choose from a wide range of leathers the one that best reflects your style.
  • Semelle Select the sole that suits your lifestyle.
  • Largeur For a perfect fit, specify your foot width. Are you a D, E or EE?

John Lobb's By Request service caters to your needs and desires from our current or archived ready-to-wear collections.


  • Philip II

    A Philip II in Forest Green Museum Calf with a Philip II in Pewter Suede
  • City II

    A City II in Noisette Oxford with a City II in Parisian Brown Suede
  • Jodhpur

    Jodhpur in Tobacco Suede with a Noisette Oxford Calf Strap
  • Ashill

    Ashill in Antiqued Chelmer Ultra Calf
  • Langton

    A Langton in Havana Oxford Calf with a Langton in Dark Brown Suede
  • Derwent – 8000 last

    A Derwent with an Indigo Suede vamp and Blue Buffalo toe cap and quarters with a Derwent with an Ambra Suede vamp and Ambra Museum Calf toe cap and quarters
  • Haddon – 7000 last

    A Haddon in Black Patent with White Museum quarters with a Haddon in Walnut Ultra Calf with Green Misty Calf quarters
  • Kilton

    Kilton in Beige Suede
  • Westminster

    Westminster in White Museum Calf with a Red Museum Calf wingtip and facings
  • Chelsea – 6000 last

    A Chelsea in Squirrel Oxford Calf with a Chelsea in Havana Oxford Calf

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